Saturday, 23 June 2012

Why do some of the items not match my colour search?

There are occasions where the image used on the retailer website only depicts one colour, but the item may be available in a range of colours. Click on the item and see if your preferred colour is available on the retailer’s website.

Will you be adding other items such as shoes and bags?

At the moment we are focusing our attention on clothing. However, if the demand is there in the future we would certainly look to extend the site further and include a whole range of categories.

Why don’t I see sliders on the search page?

In order to see the sliders you must have JavaScript enabled within your browser. Most modern browsers will support JavaScript.

I clicked on the item but the link doesn’t work, why?

We update our results regularly but on occasion an item may have been removed from the retailer’s website in between updates. When this occurs the link will be broken. Such items will be removed when we next update our site.